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Between January and March 2013, my friend Tony and I wrote a script called Pledge Brothers.

What is it about? Mostly about me and Tony. For anyone that doesn’t know either or both of us, it is a cross between The Big Chill, The Hangover and that feeling you get after great sex….or a large rack of ribs….

Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

The deal: You read Pledge Brothers and give us feedback and we promise that, although you wont be First, you might be Next….

Protected: Was Verne Troyer (aka Mini Me) Killed Dead by Yao Ming’s Seemingly Innocuous Bolo Punch?

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Hey Christopher Nolan You Owe Me £17

(First published in the Huffington Post on 9 August 2012)

Nolan, you and I have a problem. I spent £27 ($42) taking my wife and 14 year old to see The Dark Knight Rises. I want £17 back.

Here is the breakdown: My wife and I will let you keep £1 from each of our tickets because of the very cool exploding football field scene. We would like the rest of our money refunded in full. And although my son was pissed off with the plot holes, he was able to override his own rational brain, (a.k.a, the bullshit meter) to focus on the visuals. I’m good with you keeping £8 of the £9 for his ticket. Hand back £17 and we avoid a situation.

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Using new-to-me technology here by inserting this YouTube video within the blog – PAKOW! If you cannot view the video, something is messed up and you can alternatively click on this link to watch directly from YouTube – little pakow :-/

Frankie, Noel and The Midnight Beast

(First published in the Huffington Post on 16 July 2012)

The night after I published Facetime with John Amaechi, a thought kept smashing around in my slumbering head until jarring me awake: ‘What if I focused on getting facetime with famous (or notorious) people who I admire? And reported my findings back to the reader?’ That was it, crystalized in a sentence – that was where I wanted to live.

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John Amaechi, Doing Emersons, doingemersons.com, Tom Kambouris(First published in the Huffington Post on 8 July 2012)

It has been a month and a half since I interviewed John Amaechi. My idea was to write a piece about a fictitious gay NBA basketball player on the threshold of coming out of the closet. The timing seemed right as sports talking heads (1, 2, 3) and NBA power brokers were suggesting that the first pro athlete playing a team sport in America would imminently be calling that press conference.

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An Outlier Amongst Outliers

Basketball, gay pro basketball player, gay professional athlete, Doing Emersons, doingemersons.com, Tom Kambouris

(To read Part One click here)

I am calling a press conference tomorrow……..

An NBA superstar at the door frame of the closet; one step and I am out. In 24 hours my spike-trending @name will detonate the building that houses Twitter’s servers. Because when a worldwide A list hero in the I Love This Game and Where Amazing Happens league says he is gay, it changes everything. Read the rest of this entry

Kony 2012 – Part 2: I Am Still In

Jason Russell, Joseph Kony, Innocent Children, Doing Emersons, doingemersons.com, Tom Kambouris(First published in the Huffington Post on 21 March 2012)

(To read Part One click here)

I saw the TMZ video of Jason. The images, although disturbing, didn’t shake my stance on Kony 2012. I thought: ‘Here is a sensitive guy being torn to shreds in a maelstrom of worldwide scrutiny,’ and, ‘Jason’s back and legs are looking stacked – must be hitting the gym hard for the press junket.’ Yesterday a friend sent me another link that is more troubling. Read the rest of this entry

Jason Russell, Joseph Kony, Innocent Children, Doing Emersons, doingemersons.com, Tom Kambouris(First published in the Huffington Post on 16 March 2012)

I am angry enough to spit rust. Here is why:

Our fourteen year old son, BK, goes to boarding school. This past weekend was an exeat, which means all kids are cleared off campus after Friday classes so that frazzled house parents can get hammer-drunk on Friday night and still have two days to sober up before boarders return Sunday evening. And my wife and I get to spend 48 hours with our BK, everybody wins. Read the rest of this entry

Kambo´s Mailbag – The First Dose

Tom Kambouris, mailbag, Doing Emersons, doingemersons.comIt has been an entertaining inaugural month of blogging for big daddy HuffPo. Along the way my readers have shown they are fun, fearless and out of their minds. What better forum to deliver this gonzo community of lunatics to the world than the launch of Kambo’s Mailbag. Below are actual comments from actual readers:

HuffPo reader – The Knight of Swords
(re: The Oscars: A Live Blog)
Thank God for your blog…..now HuffPo gets to finally experience what newspapers throughout history have…..the smell of a wrapped fish, a puppy in training and the inside of a parrot cage. What was that abomination? Read the rest of this entry

Whitney Part Two – The Answer

Whitney Houston, Doing Emersons, Tom Kambouris, doingemersons.com (First published in the Huffington Post on 29 February 2012)

(To read Part One click here)

I didn’t think there would be a Part Two to this Whitney story. No real need is there. Except that it was not quite finished with me.

Part One was titled Would Whitney Be Alive if There Was No Bobby? It was a rhetorical question. I need to take the rhetorical out. Make it a real question, and close the file with an answer. Read the rest of this entry

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